Modest Top in a Bright Print Makes a Big Impact

I am so ready for fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season for a bunch of reasons. Of course, the clothes are the best; blanket scarves, riding boots, chunky knits – yum. But, in general, fall colors are my jam. The cooler weather just makes everything a little more snuggly (that’s a word, I swear). Even though it’s 90 degrees plus in Dallas, where I’m working right now, I’m trying to encourage fall to come around by dressing for it… at least my weekends in Minneapolis are usually cooler?

In an attempt to start to transition to my fall work wardrobe, because I just can’t wait any longer, I’ve been adding some long sleeves and darker colors. I usually end up wearing a sweater or jacket into the office anyway because it’s freezing, so this is actually pretty convenient. In this outfit, I’m wearing a new favorite top that I snagged at Banana Republic Factory. It’s a wonderful, rich, kind of silky fabric in blue with a pretty neutral floral pattern. I’ve paired this top with my navy pants or my army green pants, but it’s a light enough blue that you could wear it with black, grey, or even khaki on the bottom too. Today, I’m wearing them with a chunky strappy sandal to make it a little more weather appropriate. My office is pretty relaxed right now and open toed shoes are fine, but this could easily be paired with simple flats or heels – or even a cute heeled bootie would be nice. The best part about this shirt is that is it actually wrinkle free. You know how a lot of shirt will claim they are “no iron”, but then after you wash them they definitely need some help? This one actually doesn’t. I wash it on delicate and air dry and there are absolutely no wrinkles. I can pack it up in my suitcase for 3 days and pull it out and wear it to the office without batting an eye. And honestly, that’s pretty incredible. BRB, buying this shirt in all the colors… 

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