First Post | Red Summer Dress Transitions to Business Wear

I’m writing this blog post from a hotel room on a business trip. I’m going to attempt to make this not sound forced or posed, which it probably will anyway because this whole write about yourself thing is pretty unnatural to me.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Amelia Elverson. I’m currently working in tech consulting and travel for work nearly full time, writing code and dealing with customers all day. I’m a recent grad, having started working full time right out of college a little more than a year ago. In school, I was a engineer turned sorority sister, and spent most of my time studying or running between a million different clubs. Right now, I’m working through this transition from being (and dressing like) a college student to a business professional, and frankly, it’s pretty weird and awkward and sometimes a little scary. I’m working on building my corporate wardrobe and figuring out how my personal style can fit into a business environment. This blog is about my life at work, and what I wore. 

Onto the outfit…

I bought this dress for a wedding I attended last summer. I wasn’t really thinking about my work wardrobe at the time. But, when I started going through my closet this summer looking for some new things to wear, I rediscovered this dress. It’s the perfect length for a business casual environment, and the straps are wide enough to be appropriate and comfortable. The color is playful and fun, but can still remain professional with a blazer or sweater and classic heels. I’ve worn these heels to death and highly recommend them – they’re not too high so I can wear them through airports without having sore feet at the end of a day of travelling and customer work. I received this bag as a graduation gift from my parents and it has been my go-to for all my work travel – it’s big enough to fit a laptop, tablet, planner, all my chargers and other necessities, while still being cute and put together to bring into the office. I really like the look of this bright dress with coordinated neutral accessories to “tone down” the crazy color, perfect for a day in the office when you need a confidence boost. A little red lipstick doesn’t hurt either!

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