Check Yourself | Patterned Pants and Camel Sweater

Hello all! I’m not going to lie here, this outfit is a little bit more daring than I’m used to (is that pathetic?). I’ve got patterns, multiple (neutral) colors, an interesting heel, layers AND a statement necklace. IS IT TOO MUCH TO HANDLE? Alright, I’m done being dramatic. Let’s get to business.

See what I did there?

This outfit is a classic with a twist. Dress pants, button down, sweater over it… but more fun. First, let’s talk about these crazy pants. In a previous post, I talked about what I deal I got on these pants – I found them at the Ann Taylor Outlet for $17! How could I say no?! Can’t resist them Kate Fit pants – you really never know what you’ll find on the sales rack. Anyway, I decided to stick with neutrals for the outfit because of the over-the-top pattern.

I recently pulled out all my simple sweaters for fall – including this pretty camel one from J.Crew Factory. I’ve layered this over a basic white button down, and then put a pretty blush & cream statement necklace. I decided to roll up my sleeves a bit to show off the cuffs of my white shirt, but not add any other jewelry because there is already a lot going on. Finishing off this look with my favorite heels. Lastly, I grabbed my go-to travel work bag from Vera Bradley which I carry constantly. Oh, and a red lip. Because duh.

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