Interview Season | Bright Orange Pencil Skirt Turned Corporate Chic

As interview season is right around the corner for the students of the world, I figured a more formal look would be appropriate for this blog post! This is obviously a more daring twist on the classic skirt suit, but I think it could be great for a business casual interview, especially those in less conservative industries (tech, creative industries, etc.) If you’re interested, I do have an interview-wear Pinterest board. Anyways, the main item of interest in this outfit is, of course, the bright orange skirt. It has a layered style in the front which makes it extremely flattering (especially as a person who rarely wears skirts, let alone pencil skirts…) and also really comfortable to walk in. On top, I am wearing a simple short sleeve white button down and a navy blazer. I’ve paired this with some simple silver accessories and nude heels. I’m always much more conservation with accessories for interviews, you don’t want to turn someone off with a loud pair of earrings or a bright statement necklace. Accessories should accent your first impression but not distract from what you’re saying. The same goes with makeup here, I did a light application of eye makeup and a nude lip and nails. Again, you don’t want to go with brighter colors and be distracting on interview days, the focus should be on your winning personality and excellent conversation skills! Wear what you think will make you most confident, as that can really make an interview great. Good luck! 🙂

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