Back to Work | Business Formal to Kick Off the New Year

Holiday Business Formal

Is anyone ever really “ready” to go back to work after vacation? I have had a great week off of work, the first in a long time that I wasn’t travelling during my vacation time as well. It was a week filled with family, friends, relaxing, and a lot of “getting stuff done” as well. We are in the inspection period with our house, which is really exciting but also stressful. Last week, we had a traditional inspection done (which went great, yay!) and also had a sewer inspection completed. Our new home is in a pretty old neighborhood (the house itself was built in 1912!) so apparently it’s common to have sewer pipe problems – thank goodness our realtor knows the area. This inspection turned up a shifted pipe under the property that is the owners responsibility – so we’re working on another round of negotiations, estimates to fix it, etc. Although it’s definitely daunting, I have a good feeling about all of it – Tucker & I can’t wait to get in there!!

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That Cape Life | Red Cape and Stripes for Winter Parties

Red Cape Coat

Hellllo! Happy Holidays! Christmas is over, and now we are getting ready for NEW YEARS! Tucker and I are planning to have a more low key New Years with one my best friends in St. Paul… our new neighborhood! In unrelated (but very exciting news)… we found our house!! Literally, on Christmas Eve while we were at church the seller accepted our offer. This week is filled with paperwork, loan applications, the inspection, a whole lot of dreaming… we move in February and CAN’T WAIT. I’ll be getting tons of inspo for my new house on Pinterest until then…

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After Christmas Shopping: Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale!

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday… now time for some shopping! Need a treat for yourself? Got a giftcard as a gift, or want to do an exchange? I’m pulling together some of my favorite pieces from Nordstrom’s for the sale that starts TODAY!! I’m pulled together primarily work clothes, but some casual things as well 🙂 Read more