Striped Top: Four Ways

One Top, Four Ways, Power of Accessories

I bought this great basic striped shirt from Banana Republic a couple days ago and have been wearing it non-stop. I styled it with jeans and basic shoes four different ways using just accessories. This shirt has a cute cross back, so it’s great just with jeans and sandals, but can be dressed up with a jacket or scarf or hat. I’ve never really done the whole capsule wardrobe thing, but I can get behind versatile pieces.  Read more

White & Black | Classic Business Casual

This outfit is simple but perfect for work when I want to get back to basics. I’ve written about these black jeans before from Targét Boutique, but they’re really great for work or weekend. They’re also SUPREME for travel days, because they are stretchy AF. I will say that they do stretch out over the day, so you might want to buy them a little snug. I’ve had to dry them a few times to shrink ’em down a little bit, but they are really comfortable and have not faded at all.

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