Back to Work | Business Formal to Kick Off the New Year

Holiday Business Formal

Is anyone ever really “ready” to go back to work after vacation? I have had a great week off of work, the first in a long time that I wasn’t travelling during my vacation time as well. It was a week filled with family, friends, relaxing, and a lot of “getting stuff done” as well. We are in the inspection period with our house, which is really exciting but also stressful. Last week, we had a traditional inspection done (which went great, yay!) and also had a sewer inspection completed. Our new home is in a pretty old neighborhood (the house itself was built in 1912!) so apparently it’s common to have sewer pipe problems – thank goodness our realtor knows the area. This inspection turned up a shifted pipe under the property that is the owners responsibility – so we’re working on another round of negotiations, estimates to fix it, etc. Although it’s definitely daunting, I have a good feeling about all of it – Tucker & I can’t wait to get in there!!

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The Power Suit: Updated

Olive and Black Suit

Have any big meetings coming up? That presentation you need to nail? Just want to feel stylish and in charge? Time to SUIT UP with a modern take on the power suit. Everyone needs to wear a full suit at some time in their career; for some, it’s every day in a business formal workplace, but for even those in the most casual work environments, you’ll probably need it for interviews, client presentations, or meetings with executives.

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Navy Blue Suit & Another Striped Top

Nautical Blue Suit

I’m really excited to bring you all this blog post today, I love this outfit. I’ve been looking forward to sharing it for since we did this shoot! This is a little bit nautical take on the classic blue suit – this is perfect for work, even in very conservative offices, without feeling stuffy or old. God knows I don’t want that 😉

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