Little Blue Dress

Business Formal with a Navy Dress

Happy Friday, everyone! I am so excited for this weekend, and ready to get these next couple weeks going. So many big things! Next week, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed – not exciting, no, but something that’s been on my radar for a while. Ready for that to be over. In a little over two weeks, I’ll be closing on my house (YAY!!) and finally getting going on our remodeling plans. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever so I can’t wait to get rolling on that. And then a few weeks after that, I’m going on a cruise! I’ve never been on a cruise before, do you have any tips or tricks for how to make the most of it? We’re leaving out of Fort Lauderdale and hitting Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. It’s going to be great to relax after the crazy month I’m about to have! Read more

Business Formal | Black Suit & Cheetah

Business Formal Suit

I haven’t done a business formal post in a while, so I thought I’d bring it back to the basics. Every aspiring power woman needs a good black suit. Or a grey suit. Or a navy suit. But yes, a dark suit. You wear this for interviews, big presentations, client meetings, you know, the important stuff. That’s why it’s super critical to find a suit that makes you feel fabulous. That’s a pretty big order for dress pants (or skirt!) and a blazer, but when you find the right one, fabulous is exactly how you feel.Β 
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Back to Work | Business Formal to Kick Off the New Year

Holiday Business Formal

Is anyone ever really “ready” to go back to work after vacation? I have had a great week off of work, the first in a long time that I wasn’t travelling during my vacation time as well. It was a week filled with family, friends, relaxing, and a lot of “getting stuff done” as well. We are in the inspection period with our house, which is really exciting but also stressful. Last week, we had a traditional inspection done (which went great, yay!) and also had a sewer inspection completed. Our new home is in a pretty old neighborhood (the house itself was built in 1912!) so apparently it’s common to have sewer pipe problems – thank goodness our realtor knows the area. This inspection turned up a shifted pipe under the property that is the owners responsibility – so we’re working on another round of negotiations, estimates to fix it, etc. Although it’s definitely daunting, I have a good feeling about all of it – Tucker & I can’t wait to get in there!!

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