Cozy Weeknight | Nail Care Favorites

Nail Care Favorites

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a little bit of a nail care junky. I always have a pedicure, and almost always have my nails painted as well. In high school and college, I used nail polish as a stress reliever – I always made time for a quick manicure, even in the midst of finals or big projects. I think this partially comes from the fact that I have bitten and picked at my nails and cuticles for my whole life – supposedly it started sometime around kindergarten. When I keep my nails well manicured, I pick at them a lot less.  Read more

Work It | Athletic Wear


Sending something really different at you for the day! I recently got some new work out clothes and wanted to share. My normal gym uniform is plain leggings and an old sorority tank (Kappa Deltas, where are ya?!) but in all honesty, having cute and coordinated athletic clothes makes working out just a little bit more enjoyable.

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