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Dorm Life. Summer Casual.

Yep, I’m living in a dorm. Right now, I’m in the tiniest little dormitory room I’ve ever seen – twin bed, the closet is about 18 inches wide, and not even enough room to walk past my desk chair. LUCKILY, this room is temporary. I’ll be moving into a (slightly) bigger room in two weeks. Until then though, I am living small.

It’s super hot here in Boston, so I’ve been living in simple t-shirts and light dresses. I’m normally not really into graphic tees, I’ve never been able to pull them out (check out Shelbi from It’s All Chic to Me, she is the queen of graphic tees), but I got this cute one in the spring and really love it! Old Navy has tons of options for $10 and under. Linking some of my favorites below.

I’m really liking exploring Boston, but I’m definitely missing home. It’ll start to feel more permanent when I’m in my actual dorm so I can really “move in”. And Tucker is coming out in a couple weeks, so that helps too 🙂

Missing Minneapolis + Tucker
Missing Minneapolis + Tucker

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