White & Black | Classic Business Casual

This outfit is simple but perfect for work when I want to get back to basics. I’ve written about these black jeans before from Targét Boutique, but they’re really great for work or weekend. They’re also SUPREME for travel days, because they are stretchy AF. I will say that they do stretch out over the day, so you might want to buy them a little snug. I’ve had to dry them a few times to shrink ’em down a little bit, but they are really comfortable and have not faded at all.

I’m sure you have a simple white button down in your closet already, but if you don’t, I really like a short sleeve one for summer. It’s not SO short sleeve, which gives it a very feminine silhouette. This one is from Ann Taylor a couple years ago and it’s a really nice somewhat stretchy material that washes well. Unfortunately, you do have to iron this material (ugh) but my steamer works just fine on it. Ann Taylor still uses this material in many of their dress shirts – would recommend. I’ve linked a bunch of other cute short sleeve white button downs below that are good options, all <$50.


I am IN LOVE with Target shoes. Literally, I think my next post is just going to be all about Target shoes because I’ve gotten three pairs in the past month or so that are amazing. These black slides are SO CUTE. I love everything about them. Pointy toe, tassel details, the textured fabric… what a dream. I love them for work. They look great for jeans. They’re black, so they go with everything. They’re cheap. What else could you want?!

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