What’s In My Work Bag? (+ a giveaway!)

Backpack for Work Bag

I’m so excited about this post! This post is filled with tips about what I carry to work on the road. In addition, I’m partnering with Baggallini to give away a gorgeous Barcelona Backpack to one of my readers! To enter: follow me (@workandwhatshewore) and Baggallini (@baggallini) on Instagram, like this photo, and leave a comment on tagging two friends who you think would love this bag too! This giveaway will run until April 11, 2018 at 10pm CST.

Backpack for Work Bag
Backpack for Work Bag
Stripes for any weather
Stripes for any weather

Onto the post! In a follow up to How to Pack for a Business Trip, I’m sharing what’s in my work bag. Because I am on the road for work, travelling about 3 weeks a month, I’ve gotten pretty good at carrying exactly what I need (nothing more, nothing less!). The bag that I carry was a gift from Baggallini, which I LOVE. This backpack has a pocket for everything I carry, has a suitcase strap (critical for hauling through airports), is cute AND not super giant. I previously carried a large leather tote which is perfect for when I’m going into a local office, but not so great for travelling – I was constantly overpacking it and struggling to keep it on top of my suitcase. I’ve been using this bag for 3 or 4 months now, and it still looks basically new; the quality is impeccable. I’m really happy with the way this bag works for me. What kind of bag do you carry to work? Do you like it? I’m always interested to hear what works for other people.

Now that we’ve gone over HOW I carry all my junk, I’m gonna get down and dirty with WHAT I carry every week.

Work bag flatlay
Work bag flatlay

What’s In My Work Bag

  • Wallet – this is one of the few things that I cart between a regular purse on the weekends and my work bag when I’m travelling. I have this cute striped one from Kate Spade that goes with everything. Can’t go wrong with black and white!
  • Work Computer – I have a Lenovo X1 Yoga through work and love it. The perfect balance of computer power and portability.
  • Personal Computer – My Surface Pro is such a MUST. I also carry the pen as well in a cute felt case.
  • Phone – Duh, right? I love my Pixel XL (and am thinking I need to get the new one soon…) and it’s case that coordinates with my computer. Yeah, I’m that person haha.
  • Planner – Yes, I use a paper planner. I am kind of a planner dork and decided on a fully customized Agendio planner this year – I really like it so far. Agendio allows you to customize literally everything about it so it can fit your needs exactly!
  • Cord Organizer – My friend made this cute feminist bag that I use to keep all my cords in it. Necessities: power cords, external battery, wireless mouse, adapters
  • Kindle – I love to read at night in hotels and on airplanes, so I got this Kindle a year and a half ago and it makes it so easy! No more carting around giant books in your carry-on. I protect it with a cute Kindle case.
  • Extras Organizer – I use this tech pouch from Baggallini to keep all my other extras in it. This includes a pair of Beats wireless earbuds, gum, hand lotion, business cards, tissues, etc. I also always carry a tiny scissor and moleskin just in case of surprise blisters!
  • Lip Balm – I keep this in the front pocket of my bag for EASY access. My favorite right now Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I also use this on my cuticles!
  • Pens – I decided this was worthy of its own line. I have been using this one kind of pen for 3 years now, and I’m obsessed. I use a paper planner and am a total perfectionist, so the Frixion pens are perfect for me because… they’re erasable! No more crossing out mistakes or changed appointments, or using a smudge-y pencil. YES! I carry three or four + extra ink in my bag, which has a special pen slot in the front pocket!
  • Passport & Keys – This backpack has an inner zip pocket that I keep my passport (in a leather passport case, because I’m extra) and my ID badges for work. It also has a key leash in the middle pocket that I use every time I leave the house! No more digging for keys.

Wow, that list looks bonkers. Yep, I carry this much junk every week I travel – and it all fits in this backpack without a problem. (And I can fit a water bottle on top too!) I leave my personal computer and Kindle at the hotel once I get there, so it’s a little lighter on regular work days. I’ve never had a problem fitting everything I wanted to carry in this bag, and I am SO excited about it. I can’t recommend enough this Baggallini bag enough!!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Baggallini – see this IG post for details!

* Disclaimer: I was given the backpack and travel items by the team at Baggallini. With that said, the opinions and words here are my own.

Best backpack for work
Best backpack for work

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