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Today, I’m talking about one of my favorite things… podcasts! I’ve been an avid listener to podcasts for years and years; I really got into them when I studied abroad. I love being able to download podcasts ahead of time and enjoy them while travelling, commuting, or even just when I’m getting ready in the morning. I don’t listen to anything too hard-hitting, everything is just for the sheer enjoyment of interesting stories and good journalism! I’m going to highlight some of my favorite podcasts from all different genres. If you click the podcast’s title, it’ll link you to the podcasts website.

99% Invisible | Architecture

99% Invisible is all about things in the built world that are seemingly invisible. These stories are told incredibly well, inviting the listener into the world of architecture. I certainly am not an architecture buff, but I find this podcast helps me notice new things about the world around me everyday. Also, Roman Mars has an incredible voice – if that’s not worth a listen, I don’t know what is. If you’re interested in other architecture and urban development type podcasts, I also recommend There Goes the Neighborhood.

Reply All | Internet Things

Reply All is the perfect mix of investigative journalism and great laughs. This show is all about the the internet – from internet scams, targeted advertising, to weird Twitter jokes explained. The two hosts of this show are always full of good laughs and better stories. This show is so eclectic that I don’t know what else to say about it; give it a try!

How I Built This | Entrepreneurialism

How I Built This is certainly not only for the entrepreneur – just anyone interested in business, self-starters, or great stories! Guy Raz interviews founders of start-ups from companies of all industries, sizes, and stage in development. It’s really interesting to hear about the “success” stories of founders from companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Kate Spade, Kickstarter, and more. For another entrepreneurial podcasts, check out Startup.

Modern Love | Narrative Essays

Stemming from the New York Times column, Modern Love has actors and actresses read essays written about all kinds of love. These dramatic readings range from happy, sad, funny, or inspiring, talking about all kinds of relationships and love stories. I love how this podcast looks at love of all kinds, with pieces about “typical” love stories – dating, marriage – as well as other kinds of love; parental love, friendship, loss, extended families… I am continually surprised by the love stories that I can recognize in my own life after listening to these stories.

Science Vs | Science

Each episode of Science VS investigates a particular topic based on scientific research and fact. Science Vs dives into controversial topics, such as organics, abortion, and even ghosts. All information about these topics are presented with scientific evidence from all sides and allows the listener to make an INFORMED decision about all of these topics. I really appreciate the mission of this show, and it’s put together extremely well! If you’re interested in other science and technology podcasts, RadioLab is always a great choice! RadioLab also has a spin-off all about the Supreme Court called More Perfect that I highly recommend.

Not By Accident | Personal Narrative

Not By Accident follows Sophie Harper and her choice of becoming a single mother, through the trials and tribulations of early childhood, balancing family, career, and all that life throws at her. This podcast is written and produced beautifully and tells Sophie’s story in a relatable way. If you’re interested in other personal narratives, Millennial follows a young adult through her journey right out of college working through the early stages of her career.

Someone Knows Something | True Crime

Oh, how I love true crime podcasts. I’ve listened to quite a few, but this one has my attention as of late. Each season of Someone Knows Something follows one particular cold case, with interviews, investigations, and a whole lot of research. Each episode builds on the previous to create a better picture of the crime, all wrapped with a little Canadian charm. I’m currently halfway through the second season and I am hooked. Other awesome true crime podcasts to check out: Criminal and In the Dark.

This American Life | People & Culture

Last, but not least, I’m sharing a classic. If you listen to podcasts already, you probably listen to This American Life. This show is played on NPR across the country, and is definitely a favorite. Each episode of this show centers around a theme, sharing a few relevant stories. These stories can take you all over the world, where you can meet people from all different backgrounds and hear about things you probably never thought about. Basically, it’s popular for a reason. If you’re interested in similar genre podcasts, I recommend Strangers and Undone.


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