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Current Shopping Cart

Today’s post is a round up of a bunch of things I’m shopping for right now! I have a few leftover Christmas gift cards AND I’m going on a spring break cruise at the end of March that I’m starting to think about. We just booked our flights and whatnot, so I’m starting to get excited!! You can see my style inspo board on Pinterest. (Told you I was excited!) TBH, I’ve been on a major spending diet for the past few months because of the pending house purchase, so having some Christmas exchanges and gift cards has been WONDERFUL. <3


I think I’m currently on my second or third pair of Minnetonka brand moccasins and mine are DEAD. I got these ones for Christmas two or three years ago and I have worn them so much, they’re just falling apart. My mom found an amazing pair for me, but they were too small unfortunately… and I can’t find them anywhere now. 🙁 The hunt for the perfect slipper continues…!


I have been hunting for a pair of walking shoes/sneakers that I can wear with jeans for a while. I’ve always struggled with this. I dress pretty girly (lol, in case you haven’t noticed…), so whenever I wear sneakers with jeans I feel like I look dumb. So, I’m looking to buy the perfect pair of sneakers to wear on casual days (or vacation…)

Summer Dresses

I am not really a fan of summer clothes. I hate wearing shorts, they’re just uncomfortable to me, and I really only have a couple summery shirts (which are really just plain t-shirts). Before I go on this cruise in March, I definitely want to pick up a few summery dresses to go over swimsuits, to wear to dinner, or just throw on for excursions!

One Piece Swimsuits

I have a total of one swimsuit to my name, and it’s an athletic Speedo one piece I used to swim laps in… not cute. Definitely need some glam suits for this cruise, with some extra coverage. We’re going snorkeling, adventuring, and will definitely be partaking in water slides. I’m all about being comfortable, and worrying about a two piece is just not my game.

Home Goods

As we continue our house shopping, I keep getting more and more excited! We are hoping to close and move before our lease is up at the end of March (unclear what we’re going to do if we don’t find one by then haha). I’ve already started Pinteresting hard core. I’m keeping my eyes on all these cute items for the future home purchase!

Have an excellent weekend, everyone!

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